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Dr. Judy Wood – Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Holland, 2012

Downloaded from here – Obviously sharing this information is in the best interests of the general public, if not the so-called “9/11 truth movement”. Title: The dawn of a new age, evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11 If you enjoyed this presentation and want to support Globalbem please visit their donate page here – – … Continue reading

Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe 25/03/09 (School Shootings)

A psychiatrists (and Charlie Brooker’s) insightful perspective on news coverage’s perpetuation of mass shootings in schools. Continue reading

Why Does the BBC Olympic Coverage Keeps Mentioning ‘The New World Order’? (Two Vidoes)

BBC Claim Olympics are the New World Order? WTF! BBC Olympics Tonight 2012 30/07/12 – With Gabby Logan. Thanks goes out to youtube user : TrampleOnSnakes2 BBC Olympics New World Order (Aired on 9th Aug) The bbc hint that S Korea, China and Germany might be the New World Order… See also… The Globalists’ Agenda … Continue reading

David Icke, BBC radio, June 21st 2012

David Icke on BBC WM talking about the BBC’s refusal to have him appear on Question Time, and the global conspiracy. Continue reading

Time Trumpet – BBC News

Time Trumpet – BBC News Continue reading


DEFRA have told me that they have no evidence or information about Aerosol Spraying, yet the BBC have!?? Aerosol spraying/chemtrails/geoengineering is fact. Continue reading

Propaganda Defined: BBC Conspiracy Road Trip Review

According to the latest offering from the Biased Broadcasting Company on the topic on 9/11, impartial and educational programming actually means showing only one side of the debate, replacing science with eggs, flour, water bombs & lego; and reminding every one at home that if you have questions about the September 11th attacks, you’re a “childish” “conspiratorialist” “nut”. Continue reading

9/11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy

9/11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy is a documentary by Adrian Connock and David Shayler about the BBC’s selective and distorted 9/11 coverage. With particular reference to the Conspiracy Files programme aired on BBC Two on February 18th 2007. Continue reading

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