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The War on Consciousness – Graham Hancock (Removed TED Talk)

TED removed this video today… Information is viral, it wishes to be free Related videos… Michael Tsarion – Age of Manipulation – Part 1 of 3 Psywar – The Real Battlefield is the Mind An Open Letter to The Peace Movement (by Roderick Long)

Ravi Shankar RIP

RIP maestro

Wake Up This is your alarm! By Charlie Pound

“The towers didn’t burn up, nor did they slam to the ground. They turned into dust in mid air.” Continue reading

須藤元気(Genki Sudo)「WORLD ORDER」の”AQUARIUS”

※WORLD ORDERの2ndアルバム「2012」 (2012年6月20日発売)に収録。 アルバム詳細 → 特設サイト 作詞:須藤元気 作曲:須藤元気 / ICE BACH Words by Genki Sudo Music by Genki Sudo / ICE BACH Producer & Director: Genki Sudo / Chief Choreographer : Ryo Noguchi ※衣装提供:スタイルオーダースーツのbref( ※撮影協力:大覚寺(真言宗大覚寺派大本山) See also… Imagination Is Everything Michael Tsarion. Find Your True Self!

A Discussion of Language

The British television show “A Bit of Fry and Laurie”, starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, explores the English langage. Either listen intently to Fry’s brilliance or watch Laurie’s inability to pay attention. See also… Armando Iannucci – Theatre Aid How to Make Sense of Conspiracy Theories – Rob Ager The Five Most Important Questions

Armando Iannucci – Theatre Aid

See also… The Great TV Licence Scam Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal The Subliminals of Kony 2012

The Gratitude Project

I am half way through reading The rational optimist which has reminded me how lucky we are today and how easy it is for me to take things for granted. This is part one in a series of gratitude phone calls. See also… Even The Troops Are Waking Up The Century Of The Self Waiting … Continue reading

Even The Troops Are Waking Up

See also… WMD LIES – Bush Cheney Rumsfeld – THE ULTIMATE CLIP (Edited) Stephen Harper and Oz Prime Minister John Howard SAME SPEECH 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory Statism is Dead – Part 5 – Terrorism, 9/11 and Politics DAVID ICKE – Manipulation Techniques – Problem Rection Solution David Icke – (911 was an inside job) … Continue reading

Puppet for the World’s Elite – Kristina Djarling

This music video called “Puppet for the World’s Elite” is a warning to the young generation against following artists like Lady Gaga and others. “Lady Gaga is the worst role model for young people today. She is a puppet for the world’s elite who wants to control every part of people’s lives and she is … Continue reading

Imagination Is Everything

Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff offers his insight into parkour and the influence it has on his life.

Follow up film to Choose Not To Fall with Daniel Ilabaca part of a series exploring the practice of parkour, if you enjoyed them please help to share. Continue reading

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