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Remember When You Were Three?

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I was reading this article the other day, it was called “8 Questions Philosophy Will Never Answer” – I’ll leave your listeners with this – and people can of course go to; podcasts are all free, no ads, free books, the forum is free, and people can – you know, 10,000 people chatting about philosophy, I hope people will check it out.

But one of the things, one of the standards that philosophy was never supposed to penetrate was: “There’s no such thing as a better morality, there’s no such thing as the right morality.” You know this is cultural relativism, you know, “Everyone has their own way of doing things, and your way is not necessarily the ‘right’ way, and you have to be tolerant of other people’s different opinions,” and so on.

And – it really provokes my inner child – because this is what we say to adults when adults want to stand up for something that is right and true and good, like: “Hey, let’s stop pointing guns at each other as a species to get shit done! Let’s just try that! Let’s just – I mean – let’s try it as a thought experiment! What if we didn’t have a violent control over the instantaneous creation of generation-enslaving debt ass-wipe paper money? What if we didn’t have a violent monopoly on that? What if we didn’t have a violent monopoly on the endless indoctrination of children by the powers that be, on how necessary the powers that be are and how you can never ever grow up from being a child? You can never save for your own retirement, you can never decide for yourself who you’re gonna help or what kind of charities are appropriate for you. You can’t even decide whether people should go mow down innocent civilians in foreign countries in your name! Unthinkable, that you should ever have a conscience to follow your conscience in those areas. You’re never allowed to grow up.”

But this is what we say to people who are adults – we say: “Eh, morality is kind of relative, you know it’s – you can’t be imposing your moral systems on other people…” And this is how we get dissolved in the spineless needy dependent entitled jellyfish screeching for the state to throw us a few more crumbs from the masters table, rioting in the streets if our goodies are even remotely cut off, if there’s one less piece of bread and one fewer Christian-eating lion circus to entertain us with…

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