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WTC Dustified

WTC North Tower – turning to dust – includes several shots of “The Spire” – 70 stories of unsupported steel turn to dust!


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Topics for Discussion…

Why does the building peel like a banana?

Why do all the steel outer sections falling beside the towers pump out thick clouds of dust behind them as they fall through the air?

Why do these core columns appear to ‘faint’, turning to dust as they do so?

These core columns were the last part of WTC1 to remain standing so if they collapsed (for whatever reason) they should be lying on top of the debris.

We know each of the Twin Towers’ cores contained 47 box columns. Each columns was made out of steel several inches thick.

47 core columns x 1300 ft (height of tower) = 61,100 ft or 11 miles of thick steel box columns in total.

Here is a picture of the remains of WTC1 (taken on the afternoon of 9/11). The tall column near the middle of the picture (leaning slightly over to the left) is a single core box column situated where ‘the spire’ stood.

Can you see the rest of the 11 miles of core columns piled up anywhere?

And where is the rest of the building? ….. where are the hundreds of outer steel columns?

Each of the towers’ outer walls was made up of 60 steel box columns.

(60 outer columns x 4 walls = 240 outer columns x 1300 ft (height of towers) = 312,000 ft or 60 miles)

So there should be 60 miles of outer steel box columns piled up, in addition to the 11 miles of core columns. Where are they?

The picture below shows the outer and inner core columns during construction of the Twin Towers. This structure eventually rose up to a height of 1300 ft (110 floors). Compare this structure to the remains pictured above. The parked ambulance shows us where street level is.

In addition to all the 70+ miles of steel box columns we should also see the piled up remains of 110 concrete floors (each an acre in size), all the steel floor trusses and plates, the lift shafts, the carpets, the furniture, the toilets, the wiring, the computers, phones, staplers, water tanks, air conditioning equipment, vending machines etc…… where are they?

Why is this ambulance parked at street level right outside the remains of WTC1 not buried under 500,000 tons of debris? Why is its roof not even dented?!

Compare this ambulance with the cars parked in front of WTC1 during its construction. Shouldn’t there be a bit more debris piled up behind and on top of  that ambulance?!!!

All we can see at the base of WTC1 are a few pieces of grey outer aluminium cladding, a few steel beams, lots of thick dust and unburned paper – but each tower contained 500,000 tons of material.

Why is 80 – 90% of the mass of those buildings absent from the debris field?

The main video at the top of this page clearly shows the towers turning to dust in mid air – might that be a clue….?

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3 thoughts on “WTC Dustified

  1. Easy for me. I found documentation for the preset demolition systems installed in the WTCs I,II, and 7, as well as the Chicago Sears and Roebuck tower(now Willis tower) back in 1969 to 1972. There also was a training film about 5 minutes long shot at the WTCs on the spray-on application of thermite. This was done top to bottom in the WTCs I and II. This film was to run on a Seattle tv news variety show on a Friday at 6-7PM but was cancelled. I viewed it at the University of Washington media center in 1972. Three nukes were placed in the basements, the craters of which were obvious after the rubble removal and the hundreds of lung cancer deaths from radioactive contamination. Isotopes collected on site by many after 9-11 prove at least one fission detonation. Veterans Today editor Gordon duff says another nuke was installed on about the 80th floor in WTC I and II. Judging from the extreme heat and girders thrown horizontally, this is likely.
    Somebody got in there and installed nanothermate charges to cut the cores. Nanothermate had yet to be invented in 1969-1972. Once the WTC I and II cores were cut, the original demolition system sensed the damage would endanger other buildings and was activated, and down they went. Nanothermate was not yet invented when I first documented the original presets. I say I documented the presets because Skilling engineers told me personally, and subsequent telephone communications proved that innumerable violations of building safety codes had been documented, including fire and construction professional codes. These violations were glossed over by those in power, which greatly distressed the onsite Skilling and Associates engineers.
    Publications describing the preset demolition systems and the New York City lobbying efforts to halt the demolition preset practice were the New York Times, The Seattle Times, The Seattle PI, Construction Quarterly(I think.),and a certain concrete/cement specialty journal, and other sources.The Willis tower apparatus is still installed.
    Give me a badge and I will arrest these swine. The painters did NOT know what they were putting on and the engineers did work approved by the Rockefeller cabal and their confederates abusing their positions of authority with the regulatory agencies, who supervised the installations of nukes with the USSR.

    Since the voters vote in vainglorious prancing and mewling circus poodles beholding to the English CFRtv and the Rothschild owned AP, we get crap for government that sings, mewls and prances for their pay. it is what makes you vote for them. Now it is destroying the US while the CFRtv tells cretin america that everything is going according to plan. Questions?

    Posted by howardtlewisiiii | September 16, 2012, 11:08 pm
    • “… Three nukes were placed in the basements…”

      “…Somebody got in there and installed nanothermate charges to cut the cores…”

      “…Once the WTC I and II cores were cut, the original demolition system sensed the damage would endanger other buildings and was activated, and down they went. …”

      The 14 survivors in Stairwell B of WTC1 were not crushed, neither were they buried, neither were they incinerated, neither were they ‘nuked’.

      In fact, after the dust cleared they saw sunlight steaming in from a hole above them. One of them said “Hey guys there used to be 106 floors above us… and now there’s blue sky”

      Many of them crawled up and out unaided and walked away from WTC1 by themselves.

      I guess all 14 of them were just lucky to have avoided all that thermite, molten metal and 500,000 tons of building crashing down onto them ……… oh yeah and those mini nukes going off under their feet! LOL

      Posted by Abandon TV | September 18, 2012, 4:53 pm
  2. That’s Gordon Duff. Veterans Today.

    Posted by howardtlewisiiii | September 16, 2012, 11:09 pm

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