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Mike Rivero explains the so called “Iran nuclear threat”.

TV smash by Abby Media Roots.

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Talking point…

In 2003 western governments invaded Iraq based on some conspiracy theory about WMD’s which turned out to be a lie. A million people were murdered. Iraqi society is now devastated. The environmental damage is beyond comprehension. The war has cost an average of $3000 a second. Blair and Bush have already been found guilty of war crimes under the Geneva Convention (see link above). 

If you plan on ‘voting’ the next time some people hold an election in your country, are you prepared to take any responsibility for the behaviour of your elected representatives if they become the new government?

If your elected representatives were to (for example) start an illegal war and campaign of mass murder would you apologise to everyone for encouraging this group of individuals to rule by force, spend everyone’s tax money, take out huge bank loans, buy loads of weapons and go on the rampage?

Would you be prepared to sell your house to help pay back the war loans your elected representatives took out to buy weapons with – or would you allow government to force future generations to pay back these war loans through taxation, even though they had nothing to do with these debts (and might not even have been born at the time the loans were taken out)?

Would you be prepared to comfort and care for any of the people injured and traumatised by your elected representatives?

Would you be willing to adopt and raise some of the young children and babies who’s parents have been murdered by your elected representatives?


Would you suddenly claim no responsibility, no liability and no accountability for the actions of your elected representatives the moment they start acting immorally, even though you ‘voted’ for these people to wield such enormous power and militaristic might on your behalf?

If so, how on earth can you call them your ‘representatives’?

Either the people calling themselves ‘the government’ are a law unto themselves (like a mafia gang) ….. or they really are your elected representatives, in which case you should rightfully share responsibility for their behaviour because they are representing you and acting on your behalf. So which is it?

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