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Beijing Skyscraper not destroyed to dust after a massive inferno (NIST baffled)

Madrid Windsor Highrise Fire 2005

The 9/11 Fire Theory is Disproven Once Again ………..

Aftermath of Windsor Fire (Still Standing)

Huge inferno rages in skyscraper (China) building is left to burn it’s self out.

Many buildings have burned like this and even worse, some left to burn for days yet no building has ever collapsed due to fire until september 11 2001 when 3 fell down after just burning mildly for a couple of hours.

WTC1 On Fire – Waving people

The first tower has just been hit and after some minutes we all saw Edna Cintron waving from the plane shape hole. But now I found another men. He is on her right upper side. Take a look.
P.S. This is very very strange as the high temperature melted iron …….

WTC Dustified

WTC North Tower – turning to dust – includes several shots of “The Spire” – 70 stories of unsupported steel turn to dust!


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