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Conspiracy of Science – Earth is in fact growing

This video is a Neal Adams animation about his theory that the Earth is growing. This collides with the Pangea theory. Watch it, you will be amazed.

This is a clip from the DVD available at Neal Adams Science Project Pangea

One prominent present day advocate of an expanding Earth is comics artist Neal Adams, who calls his ideas “Growing Earth Theory”. Adams has made video animations that graphically illustrate his hypothesis, in which new mass is created by a hypothesized electron/positron pair production process within the core of the Earth…

Conspiracy, the Moon is Growing

Spreading surface, new NASA discovery. Neal Adams shows spreading surface on front side of moon. None on far side. Incredible discovery.

Conclusive Proof! – Mars is growing!

This incredible video of Mars surface, proves Mars is growing. More videos here on YouTube under Neal Adams Science.
Clip from the DVD available at


Conclusive Proof! – Ganymede Grows!

This is a clip from the DVD available at
– Ganymede

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