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What If It Were You….? Help Get Justice For Hollie Greig & Robert Green

What If… Robert Green – Aberdeen 14th 15th April 2012 – PLEASE SHARE! Hollie Greig

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Host Samuel William helps to expose the corruption and abuse of power which started in the Aberdeen area and then spread throughout the UK. If you don’t believe there is conspiracy in this country, you will after watching this. I attended a case at the Royal Courts of (in)Justice Corporation, where I met up with Brian Gerrish of and campaigner Belinda McKenzie.

Public Interest Campaigner Belinda McKenzie provides a synopsis of the Holly Greig child abuse case.

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Robert Green’s last interview before being sentenced to one year in prison with no jury.

This statement or video has no direct connections with Robert (other than he thanked supporters on his release) he did not endorse or request it. Im just a guy filming on a public street as I have the right to do.

Robert Green is Free…’Authorities’ released Robert today, slightly ahead of the scheduled time of 8am to allow an earlier train to take him home . Robert is now on his way back to Warrington for a well deserved rest, ‘they’ are obviously uncomfortable with even an hour of his presence in Aberdeen’s streets, however breakfast was alfresco at Craigie today for their No1 ex prisoner.

As you are aware he is on licence and can not say too much today, lest he be taken back ‘inside’ by the ‘lovely’ suited man who came out to wish him bon voyage and a safe journey thankng Robert for his efforts in the library and assisting other inmates with their education needs.He must be going to miss Robert making the effort to come out to shake Roberts hand… and wish him safe passage home.

The suited man in my opinion has more need to be inside stopping the contraband drugs being thrown over the wall into the exercise yard that they SPS asked the surrounding householders via the local rag who were conspicuous in their absence again to look out for and report people carrying out this postage system…well stamps are expensive these days.
Best Wishes Robert the Free…. enjoy your bath.

The UK Rally Against Child Abuse
Trafalgar Square, London
Saturday 7th August 2010

Survivors and non survivors joined together not only in raising awareness of this most serious issue but also to show victims/survivors/families that they are not alone.

The event was made a success by the courage of all those who spoke out publicly – thank you and well done!

David Icke made a surprise appearance at the rally and although some of his views are not to everyone’s taste, we were honoured that he took time out of his busy schedule to say a few words, so thank you David!

Filming by M.Pro Video Graphic

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