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Propaganda Defined: BBC Conspiracy Road Trip Review

According to the latest offering from the Biased Broadcasting Company on the topic on 9/11, impartial and educational programming actually means showing only one side of the debate, replacing science with eggs, flour, water bombs & lego; and reminding every one at home that if you have questions about the September 11th attacks, you’re a “childish” “conspiratorialist” “nut”.

To summarize the BBC’s recent Conspiracy Road Trip show:

Apparently flying a small two man plane over water, means hijackers flew two Boeing 757s beyond their max operating capacities in to twin towers.

Apparently filming a lego block sitting on a table and then picking it up a few times while barely mumbling a summarized version of the official story, means the Twin Towers somehow collapsed in to their own footprints through the path of MOST resistance at near freefall speeds.

Apparently talking to a Pentagon official who has letters from Bush and Rumsfeld on his wall discounts eye witnesses who crawled out of the impact hole, who saw no debris from a plane.

Apparently because water bombs explode, eggs splat when dropped and stones turn white when dropped in to flour, a planed crashed in Shanksville and was simultaneously buried in a 40 foot hole, while also exploding and scattering around a great distance.

Apparently Bin Laden and Building 7 aren’t relevant.

Apparently because a comedian says 9/11 was just like the US government said it was, there are no questions that still need answering.…

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