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Hollywood and MKULTRA with Esoteric Kitten on TruthBrigade Radio

Hollywood and MK ULTRA with Esoteric Kitten,6106.0.html
Date: Friday, November 12, 2010

‘As you know my entire Hollywood MK Deception series was taken down from youtube along with all of my favorites (which were merely examples of Hollywood MK activity), comments, bulletins and so on.

Luckily, some incredible people managed to get their hands on videos from the series and upload them all over the internet making them available. The truth never dies. Thank you all.

In return, I will post all of them here. My apologies for typos and crappy editing, I assure you, it does get better. You may have to pause them on occasion to read the text. As the series progressed, so did I as a video maker and human being and it does show as you go upward. Thank you all again.

I have re-created another youtube, located at to continue the series. I will be posting up to 30 and after that, the people who view these videos should have a clear handle on what is truly taking place in Hollywood. There can be no anger without deceit.’ – EK

View complete Hollywood MK Deception series here:

Watch short introduction to the series below…

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