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A Challenge To The Crop Circle Wizards – A Presentation by John Lamb Lash – 9/11 truth

This is a really important message that Cosmic Gnostic fully supports. John Lamb Lash has stepped up to the plate to break through with the true truth about 9/11 and has set a challenge to the crop circle wizards out there who also have the same free energy technologies used on 9/11; Come out and help the world realize what really happened.

“Ten years after September 2001 comes the unparalleled opportunity for a breakthrough, the moment when “9/11 truth” is finally seen in scientific veracity and a dream comes true: the dream of free energy. Here is a challenge to own the truth that can set us free as a species. May the wizards give us a sign.” – JLL August 30, 2011

Here is his presentation and challange to the crop circle wizards.

Be sure to check out our interviews with John Lamb Lash and Dr. Judy Wood on

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