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Don’t Go to School – The Unplugged Mom

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Laurette Lynn speaks to a local Grass Roots Ron Paul organization, encouraging families to consider avoiding compulsory schooling and embracing independent learning.

Laurette Lynn is the host of Unplugged Mom Radio© a popular web talk radio show for school free families, and other outside-the-box thinkers.  Through UMRadio, Laurette Lynn questions the compulsory behaviors which lend to the continuing detriment of our societies mental, physical, spiritual and intellectual well being.

An advocate for more authentic, organic living, parenting, health and family life,   Laurette Lynn is also an Author, Blogger and Speaker.  Her books and articles as well as audio downloads and ebooks on home education, parenting and liberated living help families embrace freedom in learning, thinking and living!

Her work emphasizes the need for families to unplug from mainstream assumptions in learning and living, disconnect from the artificial process of life and discover the freedom and joy in learning and living more authentically.

In the middle of the presentation, a local political candidate stopped by to address the attendees. He was running, ironically, for school board and was allowed a brief few minutes while I took a break, to deliver his platform and sell his stand. He was a nice enough guy, but could have probably benefited from being present for the first half of the conversation. He made several promises as to how he intended to improve the local public schools, bring up test grades, increase spending on the local district etc. One significant promise he made was to improve the curriculum so that kids can be better “trained to enter the work force”. I’m proud to say that he was treated respectfully and politely, as every human being should be treated. It was however, really sort of funny when he left.

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