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Climate and Environment, Indoctrination and Deception

Agenda 21 & the Club of Rome

This video highlights the connection between the environmental movement and those who are striving to bring about a new system of control to the world.


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One thought on “Agenda 21 & the Club of Rome

  1. arrogance knows no bounds, they think the world salvation is in their hands what they are really saying is there are to many humans to control period. communism is always the creed of the super wealthy. they know how they got wealthy and in order to prevent others from doing so they have to demonize profits, which is how they got wealth in the first place, hypocrites, I find it funny they want to not only cram you into mega cities fence off from greener pasteres, they want to take away your air conditioning. how wicked. remember chicago 1995 how many died because of no air conditioning. and remember the urban heat island affect, if they want to reduce global warming cities are exactly the oppisite of the cure. it will perpetuate it absorb the heat release slowly at night hence warming everywhere. true wealth accumulation doesn’t have to destroy teh earth, the wealthy elites know that is how they got it, but didn’t want to do it the enviromental friendly way so others wouldn’t see that wealth can be had for all enviromentally friendly ways. theyneed to demonized wealth/profit. except for themthey are the special ones, creeps.

    Posted by roberta4949 | August 4, 2012, 2:17 pm

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